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Carpet Patching Hobart

Perfect & Uncomplainable Carpet Patching Services Near You

When the small areas of your carpet get damaged and need repair, at this time you want Carpet Patching services. Carpet Patching is the process of repairing small parts of the carpet and it is an economical and effective method through which your carpet gets new life again. 

Here at Invisible Carpet Repair, our Carpet Patching team is best for this work as it is nearby you and gives perfect results. You will never find any mistakes in our work because we are dedicated, hard-working and accurate in our work. We are working near you so you have no need to find any other service provider in emergencies also. Hence, give us a chance and you will experience an incomparable carpet patching service.

How Our Professionals Patch Your Carpet To Blend Perfectly

So, you saw a hole in your carpet in the morning and you do not know how it occurs. You also do not understand what to do now. Either it gets repaired or do you have to replace the whole carpet with the new one? So, do not worry because our Carpet Patching services have answers to all your questions. Just book our services and after that transfer all the responsibility to our shoulders. Our patching process includes five methods which are given below:

  1. Overlap patching

It is the simplest method of patching in which the damaged part of the carpet is overlapped with the new piece of carpet. For this, our experts first measure the damaged portion and then measure it on another carpet and cut it with a sharp utility knife and then fix it on the damaged part with the help of heavy-duty glue.

  1. Stitch down patching

This method is used when the hole in your carpet is large in size in which the new carpet piece is placed on the damaged part of your carpet and then stitches with the help of our machines.

  1. Iron-on patching

It is the method of using a special adhesive that is activated when heat is provided with the use of an iron and it creates a much stronger bond. In this method, we first clean the area around the damaged part and apply adhesive and attach the two pieces (new and old) by pressing them and then heat is applied for 30 seconds.

  1. Invisible mending

This process is used when you have a small hole or tear in your carpet. In this method, the two pieces are attached together with the help of a special adhesive by overlapping them for a few minutes.

  1. Heat activated patching

This method also uses a special adhesive that is activated from heat which helps in the creation of strong bonds but here heat is provided by methods other than iron. 

Want To Connect With Us But When?

If you tried a lot to patch the hole but you can’t help it or if the hole is very large and it requires some specialized procedures to fix it then it is time when you call our professional for help because it is only the professionals who can do the Carpet Patching work properly which you alone cannot be able to do. Hence if you are troubled with the same problem then do not forget to call our professionals in any circumstance.

Reasons For Hiring Our Carpet Patching Services

Your delicate carpet has a hole and you are looking for a service provider which gives you top-level services. Our mission is ultimately the satisfaction of our customers and so you should hire us for the following reasons:

  • Reputation: Our clients in every area where we provide our services always give positive reviews with A rating and so we are very grateful to them as they help us to earn a very good reputation. So, by reading these reviews, you can also think of hiring us.
  • Training: The professionals of our company have been put through extensive training so that they can be able to fix all types of holes at any place on your carpet and thereby producing phenomenal and consistent results all the time. Hence, take an appointment with us now.
  • Guaranteed results: We always stand by our words and so we are always told that our results are always up to the mark. And we give you the results which put an end to your problems. Also, you can call us anytime after our services for any issues or concerns.
  • Experience: It is due to our experienced professionals whose hard work will provide us with the position we are in today and our 20 years of experience will make us capable of dealing with any type of patching problems. Thus, contact our experts as soon as possible.


How much do you charge for carpet patching?

Our charges are reasonable. Carpet patching charges depend on the size of the patching area. The average cost is $140 and $200 to patch a hole.

Is your company licensed and insured?

Yes, our company is fully insured and licensed, so you can trust us and book our services without any doubt.

How are you different from others?

We have highly advanced tools and equipment which others do not have and modern procedures developed by our experts. All these things make us unique.